Diablo Immortal: gameplay video and first screenshots of the mobile game

Diablo Immortal: gameplay video and first screenshots of the mobile gameYou probably could already forget that about two years ago Blizzard made the announcement of Diablo Immortal-recovery from the ashes of the well-known RPG for mobile platforms. And now, finally, the very moment has come when we can safely say that the official alpha test of the finished product has begun. The first mobile players from Australia took part in this test, and due to the fact that they were quite active during the game, it will be easy for us to form a general impression of the gameplay.

The first reviews of the game are only positive: players noted that they liked the good touch controls and the proximity of the game to the main series. Old fans of the series will be able to see a large number of familiar locations and characters in the series, because chronologically the game will take place between the events of the second and third parts.

At the moment, there are four character classes available in the game: Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk, and a large number of other classes will be added throughout the development of the game. It is also worth saying that during the gameplay you will develop the main character, look for equipment, as well as improve skills. When you reach the skill limit, you can unlock upgrade levels. A very important issue is in — game purchases. The position of the authors is quite easy: the game should attract and be interesting, even with purchases, even without them.

The game Diablo Immortal is completely free, but inside the game there will be in-game purchases. Developers want to constantly support the game, trying to add new free content to it, including new equipment items, game elements, classes, stories and areas. The creators try to strive to ensure that the cost of all purchases is fair, and the game is pleasant for all gamers. As far as this statement is honest-we will be able to find out only after the whole world sees the game.