LG Rollable flexible smartphone is the estimated price and the first details

LG Rollable flexible smartphone is the estimated price and the first detailsIt is worth being honest with you that LG is not doing very well with the release of new smartphones. At the same time, not really, because the company outsourced the creation of its own low-cost and medium-sized smartphones. In the near future, it may be able to help reduce costs and, perhaps, fight with today's well-known Chinese manufacturers.

But the Korean company decides to deal with the niche of experimental and premium smartphones itself, not entrusting the creation of such a smartphone plan to others. Recently, the world saw the innovative LG Wing, which had a rotary display. We also heard and saw a lot of information about the planned LG Rollable (unofficial name), which will have a twisting screen. Koreans think that this technology is the future, like Samsung's Galaxy Fold, because smartphone rolls are smaller and thinner,and they have a much lower percentage of wear.

A person under the nickname Tron told on one forum about the key technical characteristics of the future device. Well, let's start: in the collapsed format, the smartphone will have a diagonal of 6.8 inches, and in the open-7.4 inches. Judging by the information received, which has Tron, LG Rollable will have three modes of operation with different resolution and aspect ratio. Most likely, there is still some specific averaged mode between the fully open and collapsed state. What's funny, according to another source, @chunvn8888, the collapsible smartphone won't have many updates: this is directly related to the flexible screen technology present in this smartphone.

The smartphone uses a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which we wrote about a little earlier, which will perfectly complement the 16 GB of RAM. The battery will be small, by current standards-4200 mAh.

Well, it is worth saying, of course, about the price segment. The source says that the minimum price for the smartphone will be $2,359 and as shocking as it may seem, this amount looks true, taking into account the fact that the price of a twisting TV from LG.