Stickman Battle 2021: Stick Fight War

Stickman Battle 2021: Stick Fight War
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  • 1.6.7
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  • Android 4.4
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Stickman Battle 2021: Stick Fight War - a strategy game in the genre of "wall to wall" with hand-drawn men. The player will have to guard their own statue, extract resources, summon warriors and attack the enemy settlement. There are several game modes: a campaign divided into hundreds of levels and PvP, where gamers from all over the world will face us. The goal of the battle is simple – do not let the opponent destroy the protected structure and at the same time make every effort to destroy its object. To do this, you need to hire stickmen, each of which is unique. Knights, archers, miners, mages, and giants. For coins, you can improve the characteristics of warriors, pump up the tower and learn new magical abilities.