S.T.A.R - Super Tricky Amazing Run

S.T.A.R - Super Tricky Amazing Run
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  • 1.0.17
  • Arcade
  • Android 5.0
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S.T.A.R - Super Tricky Amazing Run - an entertaining multiplayer arcade game with dynamic confrontations of funny creatures. Go to the colorful world where you need to take part in the passage of the tracks filled with obstacles. The main characters will be fluffy hamsters, very agile and fast, each of which wants to be the first to reach the finish line. Choose a suitable hamster and go to compete with randomly selected players. Each round includes three races on unique locations with obstacles. Do not fall into the abyss, substitute your opponents and successfully complete the levels. Wins will allow you to earn money that will go to the discovery of new characters and their customization.