Real Terrorist Shooting Games: Gun Shoot War

Real Terrorist Shooting Games: Gun Shoot War
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Real Terrorist Shooting Games: Gun Shoot War – first-person shooter, where we have to destroy the terrorists moving through the hottest spots of the world. Players are waiting for three types of missions: rescue scientists, an important professor, and destroy combat vehicles. At first, a revolver will be in the hands of a military man, but at the same time you can pick up machine guns and rifles of destroyed opponents. The joystick is responsible for movement, swipes allow you to turn, and sets of buttons are needed for shooting, reloading and throwing grenades. Moving through the locations, you need to hide behind shelters, shoot enemies exactly in the head and use explosive barrels to deal with several opponents at the same time. Completing missions brings coins that go to buy new weapons, upgrade them, and personal protective equipment.