Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies
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  • 1.0.7
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  • Android 5.0
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Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies - casual strategy with elements of Tower Defense, where we have to defend the city from the influx of mutants. You control the characters who act as a human shield and protect the population in which there were uninfected people. Each of the presented characters has a number of unique abilities and skills, skills that will be useful in the fight against the walking dead. There are machine gunners, snipers, medics, as well as specialists in explosives. By destroying zombies, you will earn money that will be used to upgrade units, strengthen barricades and build automatic turrets for additional protection. Build, upgrade, defeat bosses and don't let the monsters get close to the civilians.