Immortal Legend: Vertical Idle Rpg

Immortal Legend: Vertical Idle Rpg
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  • 21.0
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  • Android 4.1
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Immortal Legend: Vertical Idle Rpg - role-playing game with a story and PvP mode, dynamic battles and hundreds of interesting missions. There are three characters to choose from: Archer, Wizard, and Swordsman. Once in the world of sword and magic, the hero must explore locations, collect resources and take part in battles with monsters and fantasy creatures. Get tasks and go to perform them, use sharp blades, unique abilities of the ward and magic to send enemies to another world. By completing quests, the player will receive valuable rewards in the form of relics, rare items, armor, and new weapons. The gold will be used to learn additional skills and abilities, and experience points should be evenly distributed among the talents.