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  • 1.7.9
  • Arcade
  • Android 4.0
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We offer to play a terrifying horror movie that will appeal to gamers obsessed with horror with a gloomy atmosphere, from which goosebumps run through the skin. In recent days, fans add to the blood of adrenaline a dime a dozen, so the developers are always trying to surprise them with their new breathtaking creations, which included the toy Granny .

During the game, users will come face to face with a nightmarish monster, constantly attacking tourists who wandered into his infernal home. In the storyline, the monster is the Ghost of a dead elderly woman, who looks so disgusting that it is simply impossible to recognize her.

Angry Granny loves to drink fresh blood, so maybe you are the only person in the game Granny, who will be able to stop this monstrous nightmare and burn the devil's house to the ground. However, be vigilant and beware of this monster, otherwise there is a risk of becoming another victim of this insatiable vile creature.

Game Features:

  • Frightening horror atmosphere and high-quality graphics;
  • Many localities to explore;
  • A huge number of hidden objects;
  • There are several ways to escape from the terrifying mansion of scary Granny;
  • Change difficulty levels;
  • Old woman has found itself pet in world dead.