Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2
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  • 4.21
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  • Android 4.0
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Breathtaking action, created by the templates of the legendary game Counter Strike. In single-player mode, gamers who want to install Special Forces Group 2, can walk around the available locations, consisting of one of the groups. Classic battle is a spectacular battle between several teams whose task is to eliminate each other.

During the installation of an explosive device, the terrorists need to use the bomb and do not give the special forces squad to defuse it. It is also possible to play in several modes-zombies and capture the flag, all this slightly diversifies the gameplay. For each destroyed member of the enemy team, the player receives a set amount of money, for which new weapons are purchased at the very beginning of the further fight.

Artificial intelligence in Special Forces Group 2 is quite nimble, especially if you choose a high level of complexity. Fully mastered management and trained with AI enemies, you should go to war with these gamers.

Game Features:

  • Very impressive graphics effects, which boast not every toy;
  • Interesting game modes;
  • A great variety of weapons, from cold weapons, to the most powerful guns;
  • Not very high system requirements.

Obb for the game Special Forces Group 2 unpack from archive /sdcard/Android/obb/